Never far from anything... 

​​Located in the heart of Skåne (Scania), Sweden, you are never far from attractions, famous sights and landmarks, swimming, riding, golf, fishing, walking, shopping or feasting or local culinary delicacies.

Approximate Distances to Major Towns, Cities & Attractions:

Sturup Airport: 50 km

Malmö Centralstation: 60 km

Lund Centralstation: 40 km Local Shop: 6 km

Hörby: 19 km

​Sjöbo: 18 km

​Degeberga: 25 km



Kivik: 35 km
​Tomelilla: 40 km
​Eslöv: 40 km
​Ystad: 40 km
​Kristianstad: 44 km Åhus: 44 km
Simrishamn: 50 km
Copenhagen: 100 km

​​​​​​​​​​​Frenninge Outdoor Pool: 5 km

​Hörby In/Outdoor Pool: 19 km

Skånes Zoo: 30 km 

Ystad Zoo: 35 km 

Tosselilla Waterland: 38 km

Öveds Castle: 12 km

Snogeholm Nature Reserve: 26 km

Fulltofta Nature Reserve: 22 km Christinehofs Castle/ Eco Park 16 km Bosjökloster Castle/ Gardens 27 km
Lake Vomb: 16 km


Sjöbo GK: 20 km 

Elisefarm GK: 22 km 

​Bosjökloster GK: 32 km

Romeleåsen GK:  34 km

Tomelilla GK: 42 km

Österlens GK: 44 km

​Ystad GK: 45 km